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TORRUBIANOarquitectura is a multidisciplinary team that analyses spaces from the user's perspective, whilst proposing a balance between their needs and the development of profitable architectural projects for investors.

Our Architecture is based on understanding the surrounding environment and its adaptation, proposing built solutions that result from an evolved and consistent creativity, aware of the user's needs without ignoring the visual attraction that any architectural piece or space must become on order to become a magnet for Society. An impact is generated -sometimes iconic, sometimes remarkably simple-, which translates in an economic, cultural or social attraction.

One of the pillars of our Architecture is the Acoustic concept of the building and its interior and exterior spaces. Our specialization in the design of theatres, auditoriums and recording studios also results in the proposal of acoustic solutions for residential buildings and urban spaces. Sustainability is one of our great concerns: our strive to achieve an optimized administration of energy and its transformation cycle is another outstanding value of our Architecture.

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